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Charging Your Electric Car

If you’re wondering ‘how do I get my own EV charge point?’ Piped Up install  EV chargers for all kinds of properties. 

Electric cars are becoming increasingly viable, and way more appealing. There are more and more EV charging points springing up throughout the East Midlands, and with today’s electric cars delivering far higher miles-per-charge owning an electric car, together with your own EV charger point, has never been so appealing.

Add the government’s generous OLEV grant to the mix, and you’ll net £350 towards your electrical charging point installation.

Benefits of Home EV Charging

Electric cars are the ideal solution for many of the Midland’s most congested cities: Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Chesterfield, Mansfield, and beyond would all benefit from today’s modern, zero-emissions electric cars.

Home EV charging is now a reality, thanks to an array of superb home EV Chargers, including Push, Pod Point’s Solo Smart Home Charger, and SolarEdge: EV chargers that integrate with solar-powered PV, delivering even greener motoring miles.  Piped Up is Renewable Energy Code (RECC) registered, meaning you can rest assured we’re the electricians for the job.

As well as superb modern-day charging technology, and outstanding EV vehicle range-per-mile, the OLEV grant has quite literally driven down the cost of your electric vehicle motoring.

Your Own EV Charging Point

How convenient would that be? No more checking maps, or driving the streets looking for a vacant EV charge point.  Simply drive your electric car home, plug it in, and enjoy rapid, low-cost smart electric vehicle charging.

Piped Up engineers can reach you wherever you are across the East Midlands. Endorsed and assessed on the Trusted Trader website, you’ll be sure that you’ve chosen a professional, reliable team.

To discuss which EV charger would suit you and your property best, click here to speak to a member of the Piped Up team now

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