About Piped Up

Piped Up are family run, heating, electrical and renewables company serving the Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and South Yorkshire areas.

As a company we passionately believe that working with natural energy sources is key in the evolution of how we heat our homes and office.
We offer solutions that involve integrating multiple technologies to maximise the efficiency, and usability of a heating system and to increase the clients return on their investment.

Not only do we design systems to compliment the building they are being installed in, but we customise them to serve the needs of the end user too.

Our mission as a company is to minimise energy usage and help our clients to reduce their carbon footprint but It is our passion to build a greener future for generations to come!

Meet our team


Director of Renewable Energies / Technology
My mission within the company it to minimize energy usage and help my clients to reduce their carbon footprint.
Over the length of my working career I have always ensured that I have the most recent qualifications and accreditations.
Specialties, renewable energy, electrical work, offering environmentally friendly solutions to heating, reducing carbon footprints, reducing energy usage, designing bespoke heating systems.


Director of Plumbing and Heating
My mission within the company is to
Specialties, plumbing and heating, gas work, general plumbing, design work, designing bespoke heating systems.


Client Services Manager
My mission within the company is to provide the most client attentive service available within our field of work.
I am passionate in finding the most environmentally considerate energy sources for all out clients.
Specialities, renewable energy, offering environmentally friendly solutions to heating, sales and marketing, client services, research, and administration.